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Health Insurance

In exchange for the payment of premiums, a health insurer, subject to many conditions and caveats, pays for expenses related to health care.  One of those conditions or caveats is sometimes a health insurer not paying for work injuries.  Why?  Because someone else, the workers' compensation insurer will pay for it.  This often presents a problem is employer liability is contested.  Ask your workers' comp lawyer for advice or assistance on this issue.

Hearing Loss

A compensable injury under workers' compensation.  Loss of hearing in one ear is worth 125 weeks and both ears is worth 250 weeks.  Always get a workers' compensation attorney for hearing loss cases - they are complex and easily contested.  Sometimes referred to as "Occupational Deafness."


A proceeding before the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission to make a determination about some aspect of a workers' compensation case.


The term given to acts of "screwing around" or "goofing off" at work that constitute deviations from the scope of employment, thereby not permitting a recovery of workers' comp benefits.  Minor horseplay is not enough to prevent recovery.  What is sufficient to be a deviation from work and prevent recovery is determined on a case by case basis.  A comp lawyer can assist with this determination.

How Much

As in How Much Workers' Compensation am I going to get?  How much are my medical bills going to be?  How much time will I get off from work?  How much is my lawyer going to cost?  How much is a common question of clients.  The how much will I get from workers' comp question gets partially answered by our Workers' Compensation Calculator.

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